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Need a resource to help you help the people you work with… We can help with that too.

  • We can help you to find local support services in the Sunderland and South Tyneside areas
  • We can give you information about specific health issues and how to look after yourself
  • We have links to other useful websites and national helplines
  • We can help you get out and about have a look at Things to do


Medical advice at your fingertips for parents – North of England Commissioning Support Unit

Parents and carers can now find NHS advice at their fingertips to help you look after your children’s health.
The app gives easy to understand guidance on childhood illnesses, recognising when your child is unwell, and advice on when and where to seek further treatment.
The app, which is also available as a 115-page booklet, has been created by healthcare professionals across the region as part of the North East Urgent and Emergency Care Network.
The booklet and app contains everything from oral health, upset tummies and diarrhoea to advice on bumps and bruises.

The app can be downloaded through “Google Play” or download on the apple app store or you can also download the booklet


The Little Orange Book contains advice and tips on how to manage common illnesses and problems that babies and young children often experience in their first 5 years of their lives. It also has information on more serious conditions, what to look out for and how to get help.

Download your copy here

This book was produced by Newcastle Gateshead Clincal Comissioning Group with invaluable help from GPs, Health Visitors, Practice Managers and Staff, Pharmacists, Paediatricians, Children’s Nurses and Parents and Carers. We very much hope you’ll find it useful. Please let us know if it has been helpful or how it could be improved by emailing us at:

Gateshead Foodbank Service
Rowlands Gill Medical Centre is now a Registered Referral Agency to the Gateshead Foodbank Service.



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